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Has your EHR “ghosted” your revenue?: A scary Halloween Revenue Integrity tale

Most providers, hospitals, systems, and physician practices have long implemented Electronic Health Records (EHRs). In conjunction with myriad clinical modules, revenue cycle modules have also been installed covering patient access, charging, coding, and [...]

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Scanning....but without paper?

Since the dawn of the EMR (or at least for the last 15 years), there have been equal parts dismay and disbelief over the amount of paper generated during a patient’s admission for a customer fully live on an EMR system.  

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Patient Flow Epic Gold Stars: Are you a patient flow all-star?

The people, processes, and technology driving admission, transport, environmental services, and discharge workflows have huge impacts on the efficiency and quality of your hospital operations.

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Professional Billing Insurance Follow-Up(date)

In the August 2019 version release, Epic introduced a major update to the way insurance follow-up is worked in professional billing. For those of you not familiar with Epic release notes or the intricacies of professional billing, this is big (Harry [...]

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To CAC, or not to CAC?  -  That is the question.

As the current healthcare industry hot topic continues to be use of AI in multiple applications and arenas - I can't help but look at Computer Assisted Coding as the system "toe" that was dipped into the water for testing the temperature. The base NLP [...]

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