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Eyes in the Sky: Using Command Centers in Healthcare

Over the past several years leading healthcare organizations have been implementing command centers to manage capacity, improve operational efficiency, and reduce unnecessary length of stay.

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How to ‘authorize’ your way to better revenue cycle performance

Think about the ways in which technology has improved and modernized your revenue cycle operations:

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Coordinate to completion: How to transform your referrals processes for better outcomes

Ensuring patients complete referrals and orders for specialty services is vital to the health of your patients and your organization’s financial health. Yet, according to the Medical Group Management Association, only 50% of referrals result in a [...]

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Do I need a referral for that? Focus on Referrals and Authorizations for Big Returns

Referral and Authorization workflows are vital to the financial health of your organization. They can determine if, how, and when patients are seen for services, and if you are reimbursed for those services. Due to the variety of stakeholders required, [...]

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