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Dave Jansen Joins The Wilshire Group as Senior Consultant, HIM

Bio-Dave-bigThe Wilshire Group, a leading healthcare consulting firm, has added Dave Jansen to its team as Senior Consultant. In this role, Dave will be responsible for developing and managing sustainable solutions for healthcare organizations’ HIM departments, with the twin goals of increasing efficiency and minimizing revenue leakage.

“Ensuring complete and timely capture of revenue inside a highly complex, integrated healthcare organization requires the kind of perspective that only comes from real experience,” said Hank Smither, Managing Partner of The Wilshire Group. “Dave’s uniquely broad track record allows our clients to access the best solutions drawn from a wide range of leading healthcare organizations.”

As a former Epic employee, Dave previously worked with over a dozen healthcare organizations to implement, optimize and upgrade their Epic systems. Dave bridged the IT and Operational gap to identify key problem areas, devise efficient solutions and outline sustainable implementation and maintenance plans.

"HIM occupies a unique and critical position in the revenue cycle, as it bridges the clinical and revenue worlds,” said Dave. "With such an influential positioning, HIM is often the lynchpin to an organization’s financial success."

At The Wilshire Group, Dave will apply his IT and Change Management expertise to assist with undertakings ranging from optimizing coding workflows and workqueues, to auditing and enhancing a client’s Legal Medical Record, to managing substantial projects like implementing Simple Visit Coding. In a dynamic healthcare industry with a continually evolving EHR, Dave will address Operational and end-user needs, while promoting efficiency and maintainability from an IT perspective.

Dave received his BA in Risk Management & Insurance from the University of Wisconsin Madison. He is also Change Management certified through PROSCI. Dave resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.