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Introducing our new Patient Access Services Division!

The Wilshire Group is proud to announce our Patient Access Services Division. We bring 20+ years of Patient Access IT, operational, and consulting experience and specialize in helping clients get the most out of Epic and their front-end processes.

Our mission is to work with you to clearly define goals and benchmark the metrics related to that work. We offer many solutions to improve your patient access suite ranging from focused optimization projects to large transformations. We perform assessments, develop and execute on project plans and support you in achieving your operational and IT goals. Additionally, we benchmark the metrics related to that work. We don’t just deliver the work, we help you measure its impact and value.

Our Focus

We have expertise in many areas of Patient Access including Registration Process Improvement, Real Time Eligibility (RTE), Front End Payment Collection, Authorizations and Referral Patterns, Patient Self-Service Functions, Scheduling Accuracy & Utilization, and Patient Movement.

We take a holistic approach and will help you design workflows that support the entire revenue cycle, both from an IT and operational perspective. We can provide assessments and guidance for all of these areas and more to help you develop a plan for streamlining your processes. An optimized revenue cycle begins with optimized Patient Access Services and we strive to get you there.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The Wilshire Group has afforded us the opportunity to partner together to reduce Candidate for Billing (CFB). Their individual expertise has assisted our team at all levels to resolve the root cause of issues. This will lead us to success.“

Many organizations have likely encountered this issue - Epic workqueues are getting out of control and you need to hold your staff accountable to work down your CFB and get bills out the door.

We partnered with one client to implement process and system improvements that brought down Access-owned CFB from almost $25 million to $10 million in a short period of time. Our work translates into real dollars and measurable improvements.

Coming Soon

Over the next several weeks, we will be publishing blog posts that focus on several areas of patient access, including Referrals and RTE. Please stay tuned!

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us to talk all things Patient Access, please send an email to Matt Perron and Freeman Jenkins.