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Search for Knowledge at the ACDIS conference

After flying, layover, college graduation, family time, more flying, running through the airport to make a connection and finally getting on the flight to San Antonio for the annual ACDIS conference, I began to wonder what it is about my drive and thirst for knowledge that supersedes my common sense? I know I am excited about the annual rejuvenation that I get from being around my peers and sharing the up's and down's of our year since last we saw each other. I also find a joy in meeting people new to both the conference and the profession of CDI, who many times remind me that we are always learning and adapting to the fast moving healthcare world which we play in daily. CDI has been my life for the past 10 years, and I continue to enjoy the profession and the work.

  • I hope that if you are at the conference, we get a chance to meet and, if not, I hope you take the opportunity to meet new people and ask questions during the sessions.
  • Don't forget to spend time going around to the vendor booths to find out what is new and upcoming in the world of CDI, as well as the opportunities out there for careers in CDI.
  • Remember to make time for poster presentations and stop by to give the board input on the "ethics" issues that you feel should be addressed by the organization.
  • And finally, don't forget to give honest, constructive feedback around all aspects of the conference because it is through this that we will see the continued improvements to our annual meetings.
  • Also important....remember to enjoy some of the host city's sites, culture and food!

If you are not able to be at conference, be sure to listen to the daily radio broadcast.
Aha! Now I understand why I go the miles that don't seem logical to gain the knowledge I know is important to my growth and success in the profession of CDI!