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Enhancing Transitional Care Management Charging

Numerous studies reflect that, when done properly, Transitional Care Management (TCM) decreases readmissions and mortality; as well as healthcare costs overall. Not surprisingly, our clients are, to varying degrees, all striving to refine their processes [...]

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Reconciling your revenue reconciliation processes

Departmental Revenue Reconciliation is arguably one of the most important initiatives of Revenue Readiness and long-term organizational financial success.

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An Example of Targeted EHR Optimization: Laboratory & Pathology

If you have you have implemented an electronic health record (EHR) or are in the initial phases of adoption, have you considered optimization efforts in your planning? Many organizations struggle to find time for EHR optimization due to competing [...]

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Revenue Resolutions You Can Count On

With new CMS price transparency rules, the continued shift toward value-based reimbursement, and transition to a consumer-centric and highly digitalized healthcare experience taking center stage in 2019, we thought it would be nice to start the year off [...]

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Charge Reconciliation: A Long-Term Commitment

Performing Charge Reconciliation is critical for ensuring financial success and stability immediately following Go-Live, but it shouldn’t stop upon reaching an initial stabilization period.  Departmental Charge Reconciliation needs to become an [...]

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Don’t Fall Prey to ED Charge Capture & Coding Vendors

The modern Emergency Department is a crucial and fast-paced environment, providing care at high costs.  It is imperative to obtain full reimbursement of services, yet many EDs struggle to charge and code their accounts effectively.  As a result, vendors [...]

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When to Automate in the Epic Charge Router?

The Epic Charge Router is one of the most robust pieces of charging functionality within the Epic EMR platform. It can create new charges, delete unnecessary charges, and update any item of the charge it pleases. On the surface the charge router seems [...]

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Lost in Translation: The Value of Accurate Charge Capture

On average, hospitals lose roughly 1% of potential net revenue due to issues and deficiencies with charge capture processes1. The financial stakes of the matter are certainly real, and usually understood. And yet, difficulties continue to arise due to a [...]

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