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HIM! - Building blocks that affect your Revenue Cycle

As we all ring in the new year and decade, there are plenty of “old” concepts to still pay attention to! I’m talking about the basics of Health Information Management (HIM) – the body of knowledge and operations that is primarily known to live [...]

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To CAC, or not to CAC?  -  That is the question.

As the current healthcare industry hot topic continues to be use of AI in multiple applications and arenas - I can't help but look at Computer Assisted Coding as the system "toe" that was dipped into the water for testing the temperature. The base NLP [...]

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CAC – Focusing on improving your metrics with a successful implementation

Computer assisted coding (CAC) technology offers many opportunities for improvement of workflows and outcomes across your coding and clinical documentation improvement (CDI) operations.  Beyond the typical productivity gains, have you outlined your [...]

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Coding Alignment – System Capabilities & Design

In our Coding Alignment Part 1 earlier this week, we outlined the considerations for beginning the process of integrating your facility and professional coding workstreams/departments from an operational perspective. Now we would like to focus on system [...]

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Coding Alignment – A pathway to professional and facility coding integration success

As The Wilshire Group reflects on coding industry trends, there is certainly a common theme with coding department goals for this year: continued integrative work between facility and professional coding.   

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Maximizing Coding impact, Minimizing Coding impediment

Does this sound like your typical work week?

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Coding Resources – Efficiencies Readily Available!

In a health care environment where everyone is looking for efficiencies to capitalize on, Wilshire finds Revenue Cycle opportunities that often go unrecognized. For example, it is common to see coders reworking accounts in workqueue’s (WQs) because build [...]

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Computer Assisted Coding - Project & Change Management Success!

Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) continues to be a Coding and Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI) industry hot topic, as the logical next step in resource containment and the focus on quality improvement. Today’s burning platform is to thrive in the [...]

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Don’t Fall Prey to ED Charge Capture & Coding Vendors

The modern Emergency Department is a crucial and fast-paced environment, providing care at high costs.  It is imperative to obtain full reimbursement of services, yet many EDs struggle to charge and code their accounts effectively.  As a result, vendors [...]

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