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Video Visits: Quick Starter Guide

A point of pride for The Wilshire Group is sharing our lessons learned with the community at large – whether you are a present, past, prospective customer or a healthcare system working to adapt to the changes facing us all right now.

While the darkness of the COVID-19 pandemic makes finding bright spots difficult, there is one bright star evolving that will persist to improve healthcare for both patients and providers: telemedicine.

We researched 13 telehealth video platforms and objectively assessed their offerings across a spectrum, ranging from delivery methodology, implementation timelines and cost. Our firsthand experience with these products is anchored around a handful of vendors so we’re avoiding recommendations, and instead, simply reporting our findings to help expedite your planning.

Seven vendors, from the 13 reviewed, stood out and those are summarized below (click the link to download our starter guide with comparisons). 

Telehealth Guide

We would love to connect with your team and discuss our findings. Please note that because of the surge in interest, many of these vendors are refining and refreshing their offerings. Additionally, they can be difficult to connect with, but we do have contacts and are happy to facilitate a connection. We welcome any feedback about these companies or others that we may need to include - just shoot us an email and we’ll update our table.