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Technical CDI systems are only successful if utilized appropriately

In today’s technical world, CDI is dependent upon being able to capture the work and outcomes that are achieved by the processes and policies being followed by the staff. There are many CDI software vendors and systems on the market today. The choice is an individual one to each CDI program and is usually based on need, available funds, and ROI criteria. There is still the capability to utilize a paper system and track using Excel spreadsheets or Access databases. It is so very important to be able to capture the work done by the Clinical Documentation Integrity staff both from a time and outcome perspective in order to analyze the success of your CDI program. The process, whether electronic software of homegrown, should capture as much data as possible and allow for quantitative & qualitative reporting to leadership and feedback to staff. Queries, productivity, financial impact, and SOI/ROM impact are just a few of the needed markers to collect and monitor, as well as share. Transparency is one of my most valued efforts when working with CDI programs, as it is a true sign of the integrity of the work and team.