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Wilshire Announces RI Rockstar!

In honor of 2019 National Revenue Integrity Week, we are announcing our first ever Revenue Integrity Rockstar.

Congratulations Yvette Dean for winning our First Annual Revenue Integrity Rockstar Award!

Yvette Dean is a model for our Revenue Integrity Rockstar award because of her relentless approach to identifying, researching, and solving UTMB Health’s revenue challenges. Hospital leaders call daily requesting her expertise to track down reimbursement and charging anomalies which she does with exacting precision. 

Of Yvette’s talents, one of the most exemplary is her sense of ownership and follow through.  Once a problem is discovered and investigated, she begins working with the appropriate teams, whether in Information Services or Administration, to define and deploy a solution that is efficient for clinicians and meets billing guidelines.  She does all of this with a wonderful smile, positive attitude and real gumption.

Yvette’s career started at UTMB Health as a coder, and during their transition to Epic’s Revenue Cycle tools, her acumen earned her a role working with the project teams to ensure a successful implementation.  That effort, and the relationships she built, eventually led to her owning the charge master.  She says, “I enjoy collaborating with hospital departments, revenue cycle, compliance and IT in creating efficient charge capture processes.” 

She also points out that while a billing process almost always exists, that the constant churn of rules, guidelines and system upgrades generate holes in those processes, and that’s the opportunity for her knowledge and passion to synthesize.

Yvette- thanks for all you do at UTMB Health, and congratulations for earning our first ever Revenue Integrity Rockstar award!