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COVID-19 Revenue Cycle Best Practices and Considerations

As we all navigate uncharted waters with this unprecedented pandemic, we are working to identify best practices and considerations specific to the revenue cycle. While we continue to see variation around billing guidelines from payers, the following list [...]

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Convert Your No-Show Problem Into a Patient-Friendly Opportunity

The physician scans her schedule for the day and sees a name she recognizes – Ms. X, the “Chronic No Show-er”. Every clinic has them. Names and patients they know by heart due to the number of times these patients have missed their appointments. It’s [...]

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Compassionate Collections: Increase POS Collections by Teaching Staff How to Ask for Money

With increasing patient out-of-pocket liability, healthcare organizations are moving more collections efforts to pre-registration and point-of-service (POS). Starting these conversations early provides transparency for patients, increased overall [...]

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Will you be at the NAHAM conference?

If so, we are looking forward to mingling with you at the 45th annual NAHAM conference in Orlando, FL!

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Happy Patient Access Week!

Happy Patient Access Week from The Wilshire Group!

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Thank You Women Everywhere!

In recognition of International Women’s Day, The Wilshire Group would like to say thank you to all of the women leaders who are paving the way within healthcare operations and IT. This year’s theme ‘Balance for Better’ gets to the underlying idea that we [...]

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