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Remote Worker Boom: How to Monitor Employee Productivity When Working from Home

It’s hard to overstate the disruption that our nation is experiencing from both personal and business standpoints. One of the most significant changes is the mass exodus of workers from the office to the home. Different employers have different [...]

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Professional Billing Insurance Follow-Up(date)

In the August 2019 version release, Epic introduced a major update to the way insurance follow-up is worked in professional billing. For those of you not familiar with Epic release notes or the intricacies of professional billing, this is big (Harry [...]

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Finding myself (and the surprising similarities to finding missing revenue)

10 out of 10 would recommend. Painful. Enlightening. Long. Best decision of my life. Exhausting. Beautiful. Did I say painful? These are just a handful of statements I have used over the past 16 months when answering the question “how was it?” Like all [...]

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