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COVID-19 Revenue Cycle Best Practices and Considerations

As we all navigate uncharted waters with this unprecedented pandemic, we are working to identify best practices and considerations specific to the revenue cycle. While we continue to see variation around billing guidelines from payers, the following list [...]

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Video Visits: Quick Starter Guide

A point of pride for The Wilshire Group is sharing our lessons learned with the community at large – whether you are a present, past, prospective customer or a healthcare system working to adapt to the changes facing us all right now.While the darkness [...]

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Remote Worker Boom: How to Monitor Employee Productivity When Working from Home

It’s hard to overstate the disruption that our nation is experiencing from both personal and business standpoints. One of the most significant changes is the mass exodus of workers from the office to the home. Different employers have different [...]

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Keeping the Wilshire Way During a Crisis

An incredible amount in our daily lives has changed in the last few weeks as the country ramps up social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19.  Our clients’ daily lives are also rapidly changing to meet the demands of the pandemic. Whether it’s [...]

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Take your Patient Access operations to the next level!

In today’s word of shrinking reimbursement and consumer driven healthcare, having a top performing Patient Access operation to attract patients, keep them in system, and ensure you are paid for all services provided is more important than ever.

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