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Video Visits: Quick Starter Guide

A point of pride for The Wilshire Group is sharing our lessons learned with the community at large – whether you are a present, past, prospective customer or a healthcare system working to adapt to the changes facing us all right now.While the darkness [...]

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Enhancing Transitional Care Management Charging

Numerous studies reflect that, when done properly, Transitional Care Management (TCM) decreases readmissions and mortality; as well as healthcare costs overall. Not surprisingly, our clients are, to varying degrees, all striving to refine their processes [...]

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Reshaping the user design for providers

We enjoy the intuitive way we interact with technology daily, the apps on our phones are presented in an elegant manner that weaves our “clicks” into workflows so seamlessly that we don’t register an intrusion. The methodology behind these apps is known [...]

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Solving the burnout puzzle, one piece at a time: InBasket

Epic’s InBasket is a splendid communication platform; and unfortunately for many physicians, also a vault full of overdue tasks and unread messages.

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Using Data to Improve Provider EHR Efficiency

Provider burnout hovers near the top of every Healthcare IT feed lately. After 15 years in this space, these headlines echo so many of the conversations I’ve had with medical staff. 

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Is there any low-hanging fruit left?

As soon as you’ve implemented an EHR, the conversation will undoubtedly turn towards optimization.  A 2017 study by KPMG in collaboration with CHIME reports that 38% of respondents ranked EMR/EHR optimization as their top choice for capital investments [...]

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